The 18-year-old supernova that made its brilliant debut: the difference between things is clear at first sight! The second of the beautiful girl AV idols that the times demand! The first state-of-the-art and jealousy of ‘Saikanana’ grows amazing sex with good sensitivity and plenty to look at! She has a variety of expressions, running idols, classmates who look after her, pranky sisters, and challenges to falling in love with childhood friends. Iron plate situation that you can make kyun x 2 just by imagining. I would like to dye it in this heart's coloring.
  • Serie:
  • Actress:
  • NO.:XVSR-008
  • Producer:マックスエー
  • Label:Calen
  • Duration:120分
  • Publish:Nov. 14, 2014
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